Barang Barang- Outdoor Living

November 2011

Shopping as a family.


My boy, in his overalls.

2 seater sofa with coffee table.

The long bench with hidden storage.


As most of you would have known, we will be moving into our new place come January 2011.
Hence, we have plenty of things to do right now…

1. Sell our exisiting furniture.

2. Buy new furniture for our new place.


Currently, I managed to sell some of my furniture, namely, the dining set, the bench, 3 paintings and a long mirror. I really hope I can sell the rest of them as soon as possible. E and I have some new ideas for our new place… 

Our new place will have a rather long balcony that both of us would like to fully utilise and possibly have somewhat of a outdoor living space. The balcony is quite breezy so I suppose it can be a rather nice place to chillax in the evening. The current owners have left the place status quo, so basically, the balcony is rather bare and the flooring is of ceramic tiles. What we envision is to plank/deck up the balcony with the wood patio tiles and furnish the place with nice outdoor furniture.

This whole concept brought us to our first big purchase for our new place. We needed the outdoor furniture to be weather-proof, simple to maintain and tasteful. After much research(to our surprise, outdoor furniture are actually quite pricey), we finally bought an outdoor 2 seater sofa set, coffeetable, dining set and a long bench from Barang Barang. Well, my Mummy is nagging at me regarding this purchase. From our point of view, it is can be a lifestyle sort of thing but she thinks that it is extravagant, and the idea of outdoor living is just wayyy overstated. I really hope she is wrong about this…



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