House Renovations

Barang Barang- Outdoor Living

November 2011

Shopping as a family.


My boy, in his overalls.

2 seater sofa with coffee table.

The long bench with hidden storage.


As most of you would have known, we will be moving into our new place come January 2011.
Hence, we have plenty of things to do right now…

1. Sell our exisiting furniture.

2. Buy new furniture for our new place.


Currently, I managed to sell some of my furniture, namely, the dining set, the bench, 3 paintings and a long mirror. I really hope I can sell the rest of them as soon as possible. E and I have some new ideas for our new place… 

Our new place will have a rather long balcony that both of us would like to fully utilise and possibly have somewhat of a outdoor living space. The balcony is quite breezy so I suppose it can be a rather nice place to chillax in the evening. The current owners have left the place status quo, so basically, the balcony is rather bare and the flooring is of ceramic tiles. What we envision is to plank/deck up the balcony with the wood patio tiles and furnish the place with nice outdoor furniture.

This whole concept brought us to our first big purchase for our new place. We needed the outdoor furniture to be weather-proof, simple to maintain and tasteful. After much research(to our surprise, outdoor furniture are actually quite pricey), we finally bought an outdoor 2 seater sofa set, coffeetable, dining set and a long bench from Barang Barang. Well, my Mummy is nagging at me regarding this purchase. From our point of view, it is can be a lifestyle sort of thing but she thinks that it is extravagant, and the idea of outdoor living is just wayyy overstated. I really hope she is wrong about this…



Our open concept kitchen- Need to elevate the bar counter soon! Totally hearts the bar stools!

Daybed– still under construction.

Master Bathroom.

The many many teak stools that E have purchased… I realised that E really enjoys purchasing furniture!

Whenever we step into a furniture shop, E almost find a new furniture that we should buy. It is really adorable how excited he is about our new home. :)))

Time for a bigger place! Heehee!



OMG is is usually on the tip of our ID’s tongue. It is like this trademark phrase. It was so hilarious when E and I found this taped on our door.

10 April 2010

The painting is completed for our place!  The colours we selected with Ron turned out real nicely.

After our visit to Jingyi’s place, we realised that wallpaper can be quite a cheap way to jazz up the look of a room. Hence, we will be getting wallpaper for our bedroom!



On renovations

27 March 2010

We met up with Ron in his office for the finalisation of

– laminates for kitchen cabinets
– laminates for master badroom cabinets
– laminates for daybed in living area
– painting works

We spent about 2 hours to decides on the various shades and colors. Alot of imagination had to be from E and myself because I suppose the designer was too busy to come up with the second design conceptualisations and we need the house by May 2010.

So, if you are doing your renovation, my take is to do alot of research yourself- cut out good ideas from home and decor magazines, print out from the internet, get advice from people and so on. All these will help alot in the conceptualisations. Ron has been very helpful in the design consultation but I would very much prefer if there were drawings to aid me in visualising certain colours and ideas. I think I am just generally weaker in visualising such things, so having the 3D drawings would have been alot more useful. In the end, alot of the decisions made were done on “hmm, most probably then…” and ” okay, I trust you on that….”

Anyways, like what E says, it is not the pictures that matter but the end product. We will be crossing fingers about the whole renovations because we have spent quite a bit on it.

Right now, hopefully, E will be able to move in before May 2010!


Revitalising the bathroom experience…

The old master bedroom toilet– with the pink bathtub, sink, cabinet and bathroom tiles.

E and I wanted to replicate a very avant garde hotel style bathroom experience. Basically, the tiles that we have chosen for the bathroom is very much like cement screeding. We also decided to splurge on the fittings for the master bathroom and save on the common bathroom.

Recreating and revitalising the bathroom:

Artist’s Impression:

Hopefully, bathing will be a extraordinary pleasure soon!

*crosses fingers*


Living Space

Living area will be quite an important area for us. One of the main reason of why we bought the place was the living room, it has such a positive feel about it and I love the view! It is a place where we hope to be chilling out, reading or entertaining our lovely family and friends.

Initially, we thought we will have a house without television since E and I do not really watch television. In fact, I am quite picky about watching movies too. I suspect that I might be suffering from ADHD since I find it very difficult to sit still all the time. I just get bored wayyy too easily.

It is only recently that I caught the television bug. I can sit through a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Temptation of Wife without getting too figety. Seriously, it is way alot cheaper to just hang out at home and watch television instead of going out. Each time, I go out with my friends for dinner, tea or clubbing, I find myself spending way more than what I should be. Boohoo! Okay, I shall make a resolution to stay at home more often after June!

Before renovations:

During renovations:

Laminated boards up!

First draft of what the living area is supposed to be like:

Basically, in the artist’s impression above, they got the flooring wrong. It should be wooden colored since we are having laminated boards. E and I decided to have a day bed by the side of the window for lounging or reading.

We also decided to get a nice home theatre system since we love music and we might actually spend some time practising out salsa or zouk! Maybe, I think.


Colours of our kitchen

When E returns to Singapore, we need to decide with Ron on the colors that we want for our kitchen! Exciting

Below is a picture of how our kitchen looked like before the renovation. Very boring and standard 80’s kitchen, complete with cutesy knobs for the cabinets. By the way, check out the ugly hob and hood!

This is how our kitchen looks like now:

We knocked down the wall and decided on having an open-concept kitchen. Oh, I cannot wait to see the sexy black Bosch hob in the kitchen!


Possible colours for our kitchen…

Black and White Laminates

White on White Laminates

White and Grey Laminates

Having an ID does not mean we do not need to do our research. I used to think that having an ID means I will do alot lesser work and he will propose and it will be up to me to decide. Now, I do not really think it is the best option especially both parties have inherently quite different ideas. It would be alot more time-efficient if we knows what we want and communicate it to the ID.


Laminated Flooring

January 2010

We tied down our laminated boards contract with Power Dekor. E and I have been going to many renovation fairs at Expo and we were very impressed with the laminated flooring technology and looks.


Laminate flooring is a durable, attractive flooring with the appearance of a parquet floor. One obvious advantage is the competitive pricing! Laminate flooring is typically affordable than parquet, marble or homogenous flooring. Also, laminate flooring is generally designed to be scratch-resistant and fade resistant.

Hence, it was not long before both of us decided to have laminated flooring for our hall, dining room and bedrooms. The next issue was to choose the most value for money choice. There are many players in the laminated flooring industry- namely, Supreme, Power Dekor, Krontex and so on. The price is pretty much competitive especially if you attend the renovation and home fairs. So, eventually it boils down to the few variable factors such as flooring grades (AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4), the colours and textures of the wood.

Taken from Laminate Flooring Co

AC 1 laminate is designated for light use in a home setting. It would be best suited for bedrooms where foot traffic is not particularly intense.

AC 2 flooring is also best for home use, but can withstand greater amounts of travel. AC2 laminate would be ideal in a formal room such as a living room or dining room.

AC 3 is durable enough for general home use in all traffic areas, and can be used in a professional setting with light foot traffic.

AC 4 is fit for commercial operations with standard amounts of foot traffic such as a small shop or office.


In the end, we took up a package with Power Dekor because the sales person was very enthusiastic and he offered a pretty good deal for the Anti Bacterial Laminate Flooring. Even our ID, Ron thought it was a bargain!