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Hello Holidays!

November-December 2011

The holidays has finally begun. Iam back, spending my homely days with my Baby Ryan.
So far, it has been nothing but exceptionally awesome.

This is how Baby Ryan looks like now. Heehee.
As of 7 months, Ryan is able to stand for about 3-5 minutes with support.


We put him in the walker in his 5th-6th month.
Initially, he was rather afraid of being left alone in the walker.
In the first week, he grew out of his fear and then started moving backwards.
By his 6th month, he was extremely confident of moving around in his walker- forwards, backwards, sideways and so on.


Also by 7 months, Ryan was able to crawl backwards.
His progress improved alot when we started taking out the playmat and make him do at least 20-30 minutes of tummy time every evening.


Our daily holiday routine would be- waking up at 7-8ish, rolling around in bed with Ryan stretching out, kicking me and E.
(Yes, our baby co-sleeps with us.)

Don’t you think Ryan looks a little familiar?


Ryan is especially “sticky” to me. In fact, he will have his choice of people he likes to hang out with.
Apparently, I am on the Number 1 on that list. Not sure if that is a good thing because I am really tired out by the end of the day.
But of course, it feels awesome that he obviously prefers my company to anyone else’s.


After the morning lazing, Ryan and I will send Daddy to work. Around 9-10ish, Ryan will have his milk while I get my breakfast. I will try to watch some telly- The Ellen Show while Ryan will sit on his playmat, playing with his toys while he listens to the nursery rhymes being played.

If I do not head to my parents’ place in the afternoon, Ryan will have his Heinz bottled food for lunch. Yes, I know. Bad Mummy. Seriously, E and I really do not cook at all. Perhaps the day E can offically retire me comes, then it will be a good time to talk about grocery shopping and home-cooked goodness. Heehee.

Well, Ryan does get his share of good ol’ home cooked yums at my Mummy’s.
My Mummy will make him pork porridge when Ryan is at her place.
At the beginning, Ryan does not take to porridge too well which worried me abit.
(He makes those “vomitting” sounds when he is being fed porridge)
Thank goodness, that these days, that he is starting to reject porridge less.


In the evening, after dinner, just before bed time, E and Ryan will spend some time together.
Just see how happy Ryan is,thinking that he will actually get a sip of the root beer. 🙂


Here’s a picture of my two boys, deep in sleep.


Every weekend, E and I try to bring Ryan to East Coast Park, no matter how tired we are in the morning.
Ryan obviously never feels exhausted.
He is truly an Energiser bunny.

He loves going to the park, or rather, he just enjoys going out.
 I love what it says on his romper- I’m so cute. It’s dangerous! 😛


I am so looking forward to these few precious weeks with my sonny.
E has taken two weeks of leave to accompany us.

Will update with more pictures soon!



Meds and milk strike

October 2011-November 2011


Remember how I was mentioning before that I suspected that Ryan was wheezing at the wedding that we went for? Or did I? The story was that Ryan was wheezing or made wheezing noises that night when we were at the wedding. E and I were so worried that we went to the 24-hours clinic at Parkway East Hospital. After seeing the doctor, Ryan was given Ventolin for the wheezing. Because of the scare, E and I had to clean up the house, especially our bedroom quite a bit. I was rather paranoid that Ryan’s wheezing could be triggered by the dust mites in the house.

We gave Ryan the meds and we did not notice any improvement in his wheezing. In fact, after a week, his appetite dropped drastically. He only drank a total of 100-200ml of milk and a bowl of cereal in a whole day. Ryan was already eating much lesser than his peers and can you imagine horrible it was when he went on a milk strike. 😦

 In the end, we decided to see Dr Vasanthi at KinderClinic. After explaining to her what happened, she checked Ryan’s throat and saw that it was all red. Apparently, Ryan is having some reflux problem as there is some acid in his stomach. The wheezing sound that we heard was actually vomitting sounds from Ryan. (So, there was a wrong diagnosis of the GP at East Shore…Moral of story would be that it is better to just go to a pediatrician for babies and kids.) This condition caused him to reject milk. 😦 Poor baby. Ryan was then given Motilum for vomitting and Zantac for his gastric discomfort along with an oral aid to numb his throat.  He was also given 2 bottles of Biogaia which would help to instill good intestinal bacterial between meals. Can you imagine how much medicine he was eating per day? Of course, I voiced my concerns to Dr Vasanthi who then told me to see those medicine as vitamins to boost Ryan’s health. Hmmm… Anyways, there was a noted improvement in Ryan’s appetite, so I suppose that is a good sign.

Then on Monday, my Mummy and I saw that one of Ryan’s tear was stained with blood. We thought nothing of it until the evening, after I recounted what happened to E, we checked Ryan’s right eye again and we saw that his eye dirt was red too. Once again,we rushed him to the pediatrician. Dr Vasanthi said that Ryan possibly cut his eyelid while scratching his eyes, so we had to file his nails(bought a baby nail file at Guardian) after cutting his nails. (Talk about manicures! Ryan is getting a manicure weekly nowadays!) Ryan was given some Dextracin to drop in his affected eyes, antibiotics called Augmentin to ensure that there is no more infection and Zyrtec which will relief him of allergy. We also had to return to review Ryan’s eye two days later.

In the span of two weeks, we have spent $600-700 on Ryan’s doctor’s fees. *sigh* Money aside, I just hope Ryan gets better and be healthier.


House Hunting, Once More.

October 2011

In 2008, I had my first round of house hunting, and once again is 2011, I started looking for a new place again.
At my grand age of 26, I had my beautiful baby boy, sold my first property and now, I have bought my second one.

Honestly, the decison to move from Telok Kurau to Pasir Ris wasn’t easy. We love our humble abode, love our vibrant neighbourhood and how convenient the place is. However, at this point of our lives, with Baby Ryan, something got to go. The thing is that Baby Ryan is left in my mother’s care on weekdays- this means that E and I have to travel from Telok Kurau to Pasir Ris and vice versa on a daily basis. If you factor in the terrible traffic conditions in the mornings and evenings, travelling takes up at least 60 minutes of each of our precious time which could be better utilised. Also, 1 hour of driving daily can be really draining. Next, if we moved nearer to my family, it means lesser driving and lesser petrol consumption. This will possibly lead to more savings- $50-$80 every month. All these money just adds up and maybe it adds up to a Gucci sling bag that I am eyeing. With the arrival of Baby Ryan, we realised that we needed more living space for our darling boy to grow up in.Telok Kurau home was suitable for DINKs lifestyle but was not really desirable when the baby came along. Lastly, E and I need all the family support that we can have right now. Living within 1 kilometre circumference of my family will help us infinitely.


In the last week of September, our place was sold in a week.
The family that came to our place for the first viewing offered the 1% cheque immediately.
It was rejected by me and there was a second offer again which I/we accepted very reluctantly.

Immediately after we accepted the cheque, I felt totally at a loss. I suppose the feeling of possibly not finding a home in the next few weeks is rather unpleasant.

Before we even started looking for houses, both of us agreed that we are open to the option of staying in a HDB flat. In fact, being able to buy a new HDB flat is the best case scenario. If the latter was unsuccessful, we will only consider buying freehold/999years projects.
The resale HDB flats are usually much older and the amount cash over valuation(COV)  is just ridiculously high! Hence, it is not very worth the investment. 99 lease old condominium projects are also out of out spectrum because we do not really see value in them. Also, valuation for 99 year projects usually “suffer” the most in times of recession.


Round 1: Balance of Sale HDB flats

As much as we want to stay in a HDB flat, it seems like one of the most impossible things to happen, almost like pigs flying in the sky. We went to HDB Hub to seek for advice and the officer told us that our case was really weak and we should consider getting a resale HDB flat instead. 😦 There are simply too many restrictions. Seriously… Anyway, I am really unhappy with the system and I think it is really unfair how we cannot get a new HDB flat and can only look for a resale flat. I have so much things to complain about this issue but I suppose it might not be that appropriate to say it out here. Boo!

Round 2: Pasir Ris/Flora Road

E and I spent at least 4 Saturday afternoons going around Flora Road, checking out the various condominium units. We have shortlisted- Avila Gardens, Ballota Park and Edelweiss. Avila Gardens in actually one of my favourite among the Flora Road condominiums.  In fact, there was one unit that I particularly liked because I felt that it has alot of potential. Well, apparently E did not share similar sentiments about that with me. So, there it goes.

Number of units viewed at Avila: 7
Number of units that I liked: 1. Veto-ed, because E was not too fond of old houses as they required too much renovation.

Ballota Park was also one of our choices. There was a particular Saturday that we spent viewing 7 units at Ballota. Man… seems like there are many units trying to cash out. Pricing wise, Ballota Park is pretty decent. However, I do not really like the fact that the condominium is built in a “valley”. This means, some of the houses are sort of like built under the road. Elevated road supposedly have very  strong chi energy. Hmm… That aside,  we are not fans of the green windows.

Number of units viewed at Ballota: 9
Number of units that we liked: 1. The unit was very well maintained, very windy and looks very homely. We were really close to deciding on it as we went there for a second viewing with our parents. Veto-ed, because we were not to sure if we wanted to live in Ballota Park.

Lastly, there was Edelweiss Park. The landscaping is beautiful, the environment is idyllic, with impressive water features, koi ponds, swimming pools and so on. However, I just feel that  the unit we viewed was very inaccessible, especially with the super long drive-in. It also have the same problem as Ballota Gardens- the road was higher than the unit that we looked at.

Number of units viewed at Edelweiss: 1
Number of units that E liked: 1. Veto-ed because I just did not like how inaccessible the place is and how Changi Prison was a street away and I could actually “check-in” Changi Prison on Facebook.

Round 3: Pasir Ris/ Jalan Loyang Besar

We started our house- hunting at Ris Haven, thinking that we possibly could get a good deal since there was a developer sale that weekend. Before we went to check out the units, our expectations were really high. The news was that the developer really wanted to let go the 2,3 and 4 bedrooms penthouse units. Can you imagine! Penthouses! Gosh, we were so excited about it! When we got there, we were really disappointed with the layout of the place. E.g. the planter boxes are actually bigger than the master bedroom toilet and the kitchenette is really tiny…Why?

Well, the saving grace of everything is that the view is really fantabulous! Not pockets of seaview but a panoramic seaview(for the 4 bedroom penthouse)!

Number of units viewed at Ris Haven: 2
Number of units that we liked: 0.

Then, we also checked out JLB Residences. It is boutique development. The good points of that project would be that it is new, it is near to a public carpark, next to the beach and very near to my parents’ home. Anyway, we just found that that the townhouses next to JLB Residences are successful in their enbloc exericse. Each unit, apparently getting 1.75 million! So, this possibly mean that there might be redevelopment that heavy construction within the next 5 years. Not the peace and quiet that we are looking for.

Number of units viewed: 2
Number of units that E liked: 1, because it is really pretty, complete with very fancy renovations. Veto-ed because I did not like the price. (Yes, I am price sensitive) Plus, the unit does not have North-South orientation- meaning, it would be really warm to live there. After our Telok Kurau home experience(which also gets both the morning and afternoon sun), we realised that having a home that is windy and does not get the afternoon sun is of paramount importance.

Round 4: Changi Courts / Changi Green

We went there to have an idea what the developments around the planned Upper Changi MRT for the future downtown line would look like. Given the recent MRT announcements, the 10 year old projects there have all factored in the MRT factor, with PSFs approaching the 1k mark, even when there are very little amenities there in the present.

Number of units viewed: 3
Number of units we liked: 0. What is with the green windows? They are everywhere!

Round 5: Telok Kurau/Grandiflora

I was getting depressed about moving away from D15 and E suggested to view some 3 bedders around the area. The place we viewed was in the same lorong, meaning we would only move like 50m if we get it. As much as the condition was good and the development was newer, it would defeat the whole purpose of sellng our house in the first place to be near my parents.

Number of units viewed: 1
Number of units that we liked: 1. Veto-ed. Only D17/18 this time round.

Round 6: Pasir Ris/ Jalan Loyang Besar/ Bluwaters

Number of units viewed:2
Number of united that we liked: 1.

Here we are, back in Jalan Loyang Besar. By the fourth week, we were mentally and physically drained from the house hunting exercise. The Saturday classifieds only yielded a few units that we have not seen yet. Among which was an advert for a Bluwaters unit which was spotted by E. I contacted the agent and we met her in the evening. The agent was late but she definitely met us in style! She was a lady in her late 40s who drove a huge ass white Jaguar and was decked in designer’s from head to toe! The unit that she was selling was the second unit that we saw in Bluwaters.

Like JLB, Bluwaters is also a boutique sized condominium, slighter further away from my parents’ place and very near the beach. The place is 5 years old and it is very much like a resort which attracted both of us. The unit that we saw was owned by a family of 5, along with a maid. It is pretty well-maintained even though E and I decided to spruce up the balcony abit.
We went for a second viewing in 2 days along with my family. We made and offer which was accepted in 2 hours.
So, after 4 weeks, 27 house viewings and nights of Property Guru research, that marks the end of our house hunting. 

Once again, in October, I found a new home.

Come January 2012, it will be home@Bluwaters.


My Boy.

September 2011

It has been a while since I last blogged.
Really busy with work, and alot other matters which I will update later.
I am not sure if we made a right decision but I suppose time will tell.

E is really excited about the new change.
Me, being the worry wart is rather overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty.


On feeding…

Ryan is still having a mix of breast milk and formula milk. I am very impressed at how I am breastfeeding! It has been 5 months! I remember how I strongly I wanted to stop breastfeeding at the second month. In the end, the breastfeeding journey ended up to be longer than expected. Hmm…Anyways, one of my colleague is back from maternity and we try to coincide our pumping session. It is alot more motivating to have someone to around be to pump milk and to share stories about our babies. 🙂

Ever since Ryan hit 4.5 months, he started on his semi-solids. The pediatrician told us that Ryan could start on his rice cereal and the nurse recommended Frisocrem. The rice cereal smells really nice and Baby Ryan loves his Frisocrem cereal alot.  
He keeps wanting to have more! The lil’ boy bats his hands excitedly whenever it is cereal time! Heehee. So cute!

Last Saturday, I tried to give him some Moon Rabbit Si Sen brown rice cereal for a change but he did not really like the taste. 😦
Well, it is supposedly to be healthier but too bad, Baby does not take to it. 😦

This morning, E and I went to some organic store at Parkway to check out some organic rice cereal for babies. We have bought 2 products and will update more after Ryan tries them out.



We have been making it a weekly Saturday morning affair to visit the East Coast Park.
I love ECP so much… think I am going to miss this place. *sigh*


We bought a float from Baby Spa for Baby Ryan and we went swimming with him twice during the September holidays!
He does not really seem to like the swimming pool as much as the pool in Baby Spa.


Baby Ryan, at 5 months. His legs are much stronger and he is starting to use the walker that Aunt Jo got for him!
He is able to move backwards and sidewards in his walker.

Also, Baby Ryan’s grip is alot better.
He has been trying to anything within his reach, including my hair. 😛


5th month Vaccination day…

As of 18 September 2011, Ryan is 7.5kg!

Baby Ryan obviously did not like the taste of Rotarix.

My poor darling… After the jab, he develop a fever and was so grouchy for two days.


Parenthood is such a fun affair.

No matter how tiring work can be, E and I are so happy to see our lil’ boy in the evening.
Ryan seems to be growing up so fast! He is so much more responsive and alert these days.
His moods gets alot more cheerful in the evening when everyone returns home from work.
This justs means everyone will be vying for the chance to carry him and amuse him.
Ryan is like a lil’ prince in our lives.

Currently, our favourite game with him would be Peek-a-boo.
His laughs are so infectious and they just brightens up everyone’s day!
Love you, Baby Ryan!


The oh-so familiar aching feeling…

September 2011

Each time I have to leave Baby Ryan for work, a part of my heart just aches so badly. I don’t know about other babies but Ryan always have those watery eyes when he sees me alight from the car in the morning. And I feel guilty and terrible about it.

When I return from work in the evening, Baby Ryan’s face will just light up immediately. It seems like he knows that I am his Mummy and he has been waiting the whole day for me to return to him! Ryan’s smiles means so much to me! He has the ability to take away all the stress and worries I have at work. In many ways unimaginable, motherhood is so amazing and life changing. Things like clubbing and shopping during the weekends has no longer the same allure as before. I would have never thought that I actually enjoy spending my Friday nights baby talking to a baby instead of chilling out at Clarke Quay. Everyday, I look forward to waking up next to my sweet lil’ one and spending all my possible free time for my this cutie.

On an irrelevant note, I am still fat. Yeaps. I am not one of those yummy mummies around. I am still far from my target- to reach 45kg and to fit into my Karen Millen/Bebe dress. I suspect one of the main reasons of not losing weight is my breast feeding. Okay, correction. I mean, I am still not losing weight because I eat chocolates and ice cream almost twice a day. I know, but I am not exactly the most disciplined person around!


Just the other day, after Ryan’s 5 in 1 vaccination, he started running a fever. Boohoo.
 It just reminded me of the time when Ryan had to be hospitalised for jaundice. *sigh*
I was kept up the entire night, checking his temperature and sponging his forehead.
Now that I am a mother, I can totally empathise how my Mummy was feeling when I had asthma when I was younger.

Poor darling… hope he will not have an averse reaction for his next vaccination.

On the 29 August 2011, we went to his pediatrician, Dr Siva at KinderClinic, Parkway for the monthly routine checkup.
Update:  Baby Ryan was 7.3kg, 66cm.
According to the Dr. Siva, he is considered a rather big baby(in a room of 100 babies, there will only be 20 babies bigger than him).
We also highlighted our concern to her- that Ryan is still unable to flip. She said that it would take a longer time for him as his head is slightly bigger. *heehee*
Jia you, Baby Ryan!

Anyways, Ryan got delightful reviews from Dr Siva.
I suspect Ryan could sense when people was praising him because he was behaving rather differently(in a positive way, of course).


Being the family photographer, I am able to capture really adorable moments of my son…

Love you, Ryan baby!