gate crashing

When I look into your eyes…

19th June 2010Fetching the bride
(Photos, courtesy from Shawn Chua)

The bouquet of ivory and peach.


I was so anxious during the whole gate crashing episode!

Seeing E in my parents’ room, and having him lift my wedding veil made me really touched and happy.

Everything just felt perfect.

Perfectly awesome!



The Games begin

19 June 2010Fun, laughter and $$$
(Photos, courtesy from Shawn Chua)

Unlike the usual gate crashing, the gate crashing for our wedding took place in front of our condominium, right outside the security guard post while the ladies were looking down comfortably from my loving room. I am sure our neighbours enjoyed the whole entertainment.

While the gate crashing was taking place, I was super bored in my parents’ bedroom. All I could hear was loud laughters and I totally wish I could be there to witness everything!

 Here is me, waiting for E in my parents’ bedroom.


Round 1: Wearing the disposable undies and forming a sentence with it! Sexy!

Perry, confused on how to wear the the undies.

Hmmm…..who is this?

 And finally, they formed the sentence- I love you, May.


Meanwhile, the beautiful ladies were enjoying themselves in the living room.


Round 2: Dancing to Super Junior’s Supergirl.

I heard that the boys prepared themselves very well for this challenge. E told me that the boys met up at 6am at TK just to rehearse for the dance and Jerry was super kind to prepare the song for it! I cannot wait to watch the video! Thank you boys! xoxo


Round 3: 酸甜苦辣(sour,sweet,bitter,spicy) food challenge

Toasting to the slices of lemons.

Sweet bananas. Anyway, according to E, the bananas were delicious! 😛

E, downing the whole bottle of bitter tea himself.

Spicy Pizza. I love how the girls made the my name on the pizza! Super creative!

E looks terrified here!

This is a special challenge prepared by our very own Natsumi. It is a dish of fermented soy beans with kimchi, which is said to be super smelly but very healthy. Read this to find out more.

The sole brave man who took up ths challenge is- TIM!


Round 4: Apple Kisses

Most of the brothers did this, but what I really like was KC’s…

Tres diva.


Round 5: How Low Can You Go?

For this challenge, the boys have to bite off the ang bao from the red packet as they pass through it. The girls told them that the house keys are in one of the ang baos which is really a lie. Heehee. All the keys in the ang baos were fake.

However, the Xiong dis were super sporting. 🙂

Alan was super flexible that day! Heehee. He must have  done alot of stretching exercises earlier in the morning.


Round 6: Bargaining

What do you think E was doing with a bamboo stick?

I am sure you never knew bargaining and passing of money could be done this way! Heehee!

Aslinah, trying to get the ang bao from E. I heard from my parents that Aslinah and Natsumi were super entertaining that morning. In their words, “Your two friends must be the livewires of your group!”

Yes, they are sooo sooo soo right!


Round 7: Shouting “I love you”

 E had to shout “I love you” to me. He had to be really loud as I was in my parents’ bedroom.


And so, the boys thought it was all over…. and they could enter the house.


and the pig went in too…


Round 8: Nothing is gonna change my love for you.

After all the tormenting games, E had to sing me this song.


Round 9: Sealing the deal.


Apparently, darling baby Darius was cheering on E the whole time when he was making the promises to me outside the door.

 Sealing the deal before he could open the door to see me…


She’s Got A Way

19 June 2010Jie Meis
(Photos, courtesy from Shawn Chua)

Thank goodness for the Jie Meis who made the gate crashing so exciting for the boys. Everyone of them looked amazing that morning in their different styles of dresses.

Check out some of the yummy dishes! Just like most Chinese weddings in Singapore, there was also the 酸甜苦辣(sour,sweet,bitter,spicy) food challenge item prepared. There was the lemons, the sweetened bananas, the bitter tea and the wasabi pizza.

The 10 Promises that E has to make to me before he marries me!
This poster was made  a week before with the help of the Jie Meis! Thanks girls!

The 10 Promises are:

I, Eugene Yap promise to:

1. Remember that I am your husband and that I love you. I will be kind to you.

2. Never belittle you in any way, nor will I attack people who are dear to you.

3. Apologise more often, even if the hurt was unintentional. I know that since we are different people, it will be impossible not to hurt you at times. I will take the responsibilty of, say ‘I am sorry,’ and not accuse you of being overly sensitive.

4. Focus more often on your strengths and your positives and try not to nit pick/

5. Not tell you what your feelings are; they belong to you. I will trust with my feelings. I allow myself to be vulnerable at times, even when this is difficult.

6. Never underestimate the power of small gestures, the special smile, the note, the small gift, the loving word.

7. Treat you with respect at all times. My actions, tone of voice, facial gestures and words will all reflect this solemn commitment.

8. Make our marriage a priority. I will find some time everyday to spend with you alone.

9. Not use silence as a weapon. I will tell you that you hurt me. I will not bury it, making believe it is okay. I will take courage in my hands to talk to you.

10. Smile more and laugh more with you. Even when I am tired, so tired and overwhelmed by work and pressure, I will look to laugh with you.

I suppose that these are what I really look forward in our marriage,  not really an Chanel bag or making him do all the household chores but really really a commitment to make it last. 🙂


Putting on the peach wristlets.
(Huiwen was super nice to Kimberly that day! Thanks love!)

The Jie Meis with the challenges ready for the boys!


To the Jie Meis,

Thank you for making the gate crashing so fun! I appreciate how you guys took time to meet up and plan the items for the gate crashing, helped me with the many other details of the wedding(AV, ushering, dancing, choreographing…). The wedding was only possible because of all of you!

I laughed so much when I saw the gate crashing pictures from Shawn! Cannot wait for more photos from Frank and the videos from Kevin!


A moment like this…

19 June 2010Morning Preparations
(Photos, courtesy from Shawn Chua)

I woke up at 6.00am, with my sister, Kimberly beside me. Mummy and Papa were already up and they were doing some last minute house preparation.

A few nights ago, I was joking with Mummy that she should prepare a sumptuous breakfast, complete with the slices of abalone for me on the wedding day. However, I was so excited that morning that I did not even have time to think about food. I remembered looking at the sky that morning, silently praying that it would not rain as it has been a few days ago.

Everything looked positive, at least, the sky was was beautiful and clear.

Our photographer, Frank and videographer, Kevin arrived at my family home at 6.45pm. My makeup artist, Soolin was supposed to reach at 7.00am but she was late. At 7.10ish, she was still on the cab. By then, some of my girlfriends(Jiemeis) have arrived in their lovely hues of pink, coral and orange. Some of them brought along exciting treats for the boys who will gate crash later in the morning.

By 7.20am, Soolin arrived. She was late but nothing was going to spoil my mood. Anyways, it was delightful to see the the Jiemeis in action. They were so enthusiastic about the games and Aslinah’s laughter was always the loudest.

Makeup- in-action

Bridal Manicure– French with diamonettes

 Wedding Gown, hanging on the wardrobe.

Hair Combing Ceremony

Papa and Mummy had to comb my hair with the long-feng(dragon-phoenix) combs.  This act is to symbolise a long and lasting marriage. Aunt Linda will say the following and then, my parents will comb my hair.

一梳梳到尾 represents the start of the marriage until the end.

二梳梳到白髮齊眉 represents a harmonious relationship till old age.

三梳梳到兒孫滿地 represents having kids.

四梳梳到四條銀筍盡標齊 represents having monetary wealth for a long lasting relationship!


On a side note, I thought my parents looked particularly happy that morning. 🙂

Mummy also passed me some jewellery and the Si Dian Jin that I was supposed to “bring over” to my new place.



So what were the boys doing on the other end?


Poignant Moments to Possibly Capture

E always tell others, between us, I am the one who cares more about the photography. For our pre-wedding shoots, I was the one who was nit picking on the photos and photo-shopping.

Hence, when E did not even consider having a photographer at our wedding, I almost flipped(in my head, not physically). In his opinion, a videographer will suffice but I am so not a “video” person. In the end, we engaged both a photographer and videoographer.

If you ask me what are important moments to capture in a wedding, I can offhandedly tell you(after viewing the many wedding photojournalist blogs)-the wedding dress, the family moments, the ring shots, the wedding vows shots.

However, I was just reading The Knot . They have some good ideas which I thought should be shared since they are so concise and I also thought I should add in what I thought would be nice-to-have.

1. The Pre-Ceremony Shot
The one of which you are anticipating your groom, the one that shows the radiance on your face.

2. The Getting Ready Photo
Ala doing the awesome make-up, hair which is going to transform you from a sweetheart to the most gorgeous princess.

3. A Shot of the Wedding Dress
The specially made to measure dream dress, with the lace, tulle, pearls and what nots.

4. The Wedding Day Hairstyle
Complete with the flowers and pins and before it becomes messy.

5. The Fashion Magazine Worthy Photo of You
Once the whole look is completed, this is the must-have shot! Hopefully this is not most gorgeous photo of my life but one of the most gorgeous photos of my life.

6. The Wedding Rings
They can be arranged in bowls, in between books, The Bible, the dictionary, on top of bouquets, ring pillows and more. A good shot of the rings will be a real scene setter.

7. Personal Notes and Wedding Vows
It can be written on paper, typed on paper or even on your iPhone or Blackberry.

8. The Bridal Bouquet
Oh-so beautiful blossoms!

9. Black and White Action Shots
As what I mentioned in an earlier post on photography, I love black and white photos! Maybe we can have some stunning few on the actual day!

10. The Wedding Shoes
Because they are just so beautiful!

11. Family Moments
Yes, there are posed family pictures. However, it is the photojournalistic sorts that captures the emotions of the dads, moms, brides and so on.

12. A shot of you and your Jie Meis!
The lovely ones whom you love and who will be planning the gate crashing activities for your groom and his brothers!

13. Just one for the boys!
Groom with his bros before the gate crashing when they look super fresh and suave!

14. Singapore Gate Crashing Routine

Seriously, this gate crashing idea quite uncommon outside of Singapore and Malaysia right? . The boys cringe at the thought of being torture while the girls go wild with their ideas. Some people think that it is quite distasteful and all but, unfortunately, methinks it is fun and funny! And, I will be having mine too!

15. The Wedding Car with the floral decorations.

16. The Tea Set

17. Tea Ceremony with the male and female side.

18. Bride in her Chinese Kwa and bling blings. 🙂

19. Sweet Dessert

20. B.B.B- Baby Boy Bouncing

21. The Modern Bridal Party Photo
Gone are the days of the stiff lines of the jiemeis and brothers. A bridal photo that is relaxed and environmental is alot more interesting.

22. The Modern Bridal Family Photo
Alot of hugs and kisses!

23. The Wedding Invitation Photo
A photo of it at the venue would make a great opening shot for the album!

24.  The Welcome Sign

 25. Solemnisation ceremony setting

27. The Pens.

26. The Banquet setting
In our case, it is one of those hotel themes that Orchard Hotel have suggested.

27. The Receptionists with the Ang Bao Box

28. Ceremony decorations
The flowers at the aisle and so on.

29. The Centrepiece photo

30. The wedding favours photo

31. A “Here Comes the Bride” shot

32.  A sweeping shot of the ceremony

33. The Big Kiss!

34. The “We Did it” Photo
Planning a wedding is fun but still pretty tiring. So, I am sure at the end of the ceremony, the couple will have this look of relief!

35. The Scenic Shot
So, while the guests are mingling at the cocktail reception, it is nice to have a posed shot with each other.

36. The Big Picture Shot
A long lens view of the wedding setting- outside the reception venue or banquet hall.

37. A Candid Guest Shot
An aerial shot of the guests enjoying themselves.

38. The Entry Way Photo

39. The Catering Photo

40. The Wedding Cake Photo

41. The Cake Cutting Photo

42. The YUM SENG photo
Hmm… I am wondering if my uncles would be as dramatic about this as they were before when they were young. Heehee.

43. The first dance.

44. An overhead shot.

45. The “Thank you” Shot

46. The Happiness Shot
A shot as a reminder of the wedding day. It will be awesome the picture can be propped out with things that are meaningful to both.